About Us

We, Vaibhav Perfumery, are a renowned manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of an unparalleled range of products that include Aromatic Flower Fragrances, Natural Attar, Pure Essential Oil, Herbal Fragrance Attar, Flower Fragrance, and many more. We process various herbal components to various levels to get the final oil or attar with different strength and concentration. 

Modern techniques are implemented in the mixing and preparation of the base materials to attain global quality standard. Further, our Aromatic Fragrance and Pure Essential Oil has a huge demand in the market owing to its calming smell, extreme therapeutic use, zero-impurity, accurate composition, and more. With a dependable quality assurance process, we monitor and control the various quality aspects of our aroma products.

We have a well constructed infrastructure to boost the manufacturing process and enable cost & time efficient operation of our firm. Our processing unit has advanced and cutting-edge production facilities for preparing our products in an effective way. Also, We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who apply their skills in the prosperity and success of our company. These professionals work unitedly in close contact with our clients to understand and meet their requirements. Also, we have a worldwide distribution network for the proper supply of our high quality fragrance products.

Why Vaibhav Perfumery?

  • Fair Market Prices
  • Easy Payment Modes
  • Time-bound Delivery
  • High Quality Products

Why Vaibhav Perfumery?

  • Fair Market Prices
  • Easy Payment Modes
  • Time-bound Delivery
  • High Quality Products

Quality Assurance

Our company has been able to achieve a high level of client satisfaction by delivering superior quality Sandalwood Fragrances, Jasmine Fragrances, Zafraan Attar, Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Herbal Fragrance Attar, Palmarosa Oil, etc. To ensure purity, we test our attar and oil on the parameters of purity, chemical properties, aroma and shelf life. We also have a dependable imperfection prevention process in which our quality inspectors examine our products to trace any flaws. Further, our in-house quality evaluation laboratory facilitates proper testing of our products.

Product Range

We are a manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of the following products:

Essential Oils


Lotus Oil

Al-Sadaf Attar

Mandarin Oil

Al-Sultan Attar

Marjoram Oil

Ambari Hina Attar

Melissa Oil

Amber Attar

Menthol Oil

Attar Darbar

Nar Kachur Oil

Attar Full

Neem Oil

Attar Hina

Neroli Oil

Attar Ruhel Wardh

Nutmeg Oil

Bakhoor Attar

Oakmass Oil

Bakul Attar

Orange Oil

Black Musk Attar

Palmarosa Oil

Blue Lotus Attar

Patchouli Oil

Chameli Attar

Peppermint Oil

Champa Attar

Peru Balsam Oil

Choya Loban Attar

Petitgrain Oil

Dehnul Oud Attar

Pine Needle Oil

Firdaus Attar

Rose De Mai Oil

Frangipani Attar

Rose Geranium Oil

Green Grass Attar

Rose Otto Oil

Gul Henna Attar

Rosemary Oil

Har Sringar Attar

Rosewood Oil

Honey Suckle Attar

Sage Oil

Indian Kadamb Attar

Sandalwood Oil

Jasmine Sambac Attar

Spearmint Oil

Juhi Attar

Spikenard Oil

Kewra Attar

Styrax Tonkinesis Oil(Loban)

Kiku Attar

Sugandh Kokila Oil

Majmua 96

Sugandh Mantri Oil

Mandarian Attar

Tagetes Oil

Mitti Attar

Tea Tree Oil

Mogra Attar

Thuja Wood Oil

Motia Attar

Thyme Oil

Moulsree Attar

Turmeric Oil

Mukhallat Attar

Valerian Root Oil

Musk Attar

Vanilla Oil

Musk Hina

Vetiver Oil(South India)

Musk Nafa Attar

Wintergreen Oil

Nag Champa Attar

Ylang Ylang Oil(Cananga)

Nargis Attar

Zedoaria Oil

Night Queen Attar

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

Nine Flower Attar

Oudh Attar Assam India

Pink Lotus

Raat Raani Attar

Rajnigandha Attar

Rose attar Sandalwood Based

Ruh Shamama Natural

Sandalwood Attar

Shamama Amber Attar

Shamama Oudhi

Shamama Special

White Lotus

White Musk Attar

Yellow Musk Attar

Zafraan Attar

Our Infrastructure

Our highly organized infrastructure is equipped with needed facilities and non-stop supply of water & power to freely conduct the processing of fragrances. We have a spacious and large production facility which is outfitted with different chemical processing machines. These are fully efficient in processing chemical and herbal compounds as per the targeted concentration level. Our Warehouse has the best inventory management system to store our products in a degradation-free manner. Moreover, with the support of our result oriented R & D unit, we always come up with reliable, unique and beneficial array of aromatic products.

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